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Update on GDT services

4 August 2016


This notice confirms the progress Global Dairy Trade has made since 26 April when we announced the new suite of GDT services.

GDT Events

  • GDT Events Oversight Board will meet in Paris on 18 October to confirm the governance principles by which it will monitor GDT’s activities
  • The new Cream Group has now been fully implemented, with the initial launch for Contract Periods 4 – 6 extended in this week’s Trading Event to include all remaining contract periods for Fonterra’s AMF and butter products.

GDT Marketplace

  • The new platform launched in late June is continuing through its pilot phase with a healthy number of registered bidders undertaking successful trades through both Fixed Price and Tender listings
  • The different role and more private nature of GDT Marketplace means that we will not be disclosing trade and pricing information as we do for GDT Events until such time that this information can be aggregated suitably.

GDT Insight

  • Trading Event 169 held earlier this week has demonstrated the value of the increased transparency available to dairy industry and financial market stakeholders through GDT Insight 
  • The auction showed significant shifts in regional demand patterns with notable increases in bidder numbers and purchase quantities from certain regions
  • Subscription options are available at http://www.globaldairytrade.info/en/gdt-insight/.


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