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EUROSERUM is the world’s largest producer of demineralised whey powder destined for the manufacture of infant milk, and also offers a wide range of dairy ingredients and milk powders.

EUROSERUM is the business unit “Dairy Ingredients” of the cooperative dairy group SODIAAL, composed of 9 business units covering the various dairy sectors: CANDIA (drinking milk), ENTREMONT (pressed and processed cheese), MONTS & TERROIRS (cheese specialities), EUROSERUM (whey powder & dairy ingredients) BEURALIA (dairy fats), NUTRIBIO (infant, dietetic and adult nutrition in the form of powders and bars), CF&R at 50% (soft cheese), REGILAIT at 50% (powdered and concentrated milk), YOPLAIT at 49% (extra-fresh dairy products). For more details visit www.euroserum.com and www.sodiaal.fr

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