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Global Dairy Trade Annual Report

We welcome you to download our 2018 Global Dairy Trade Annual Report in which we recap our business achievements, governance initiatives and key performance data for the year. 

Highlights from the year include:

  • In July, GDT Events marked its tenth year of providing transparent pricing of internationally traded dairy commodities, amounting to US $24 billion in dairy trade to buyers in 88 countries.
  • The GDT Events Oversight Board adopted two rule changes aimed at enhancing the protection of sellers’ sensitive information.
  • A major refresh of the GDT Events auction platform which is expected to be complete by mid-2019.
  • GDT Marketplace now has over 400 registered buyers, 15 sellers and has completed over 8,500 listings across a broad range of dairy ingredient products.
  • GDT Insight continues to deepen and mature. In 2018, we enhanced the level of data provided in each pack, adding a new regional breakdown of total quantities traded for each product group for each event.
  • We continue to explore the feasibility of an auction mechanism for European dairy commodities with the European Energy Exchange (EEX). Market sounding activities in 2018 provided us with positive feedback from potential participants and we look forward to taking steps forward on this venture in the coming year.

With our first decade behind us, we look forward to the coming 10 years; supporting the dairy industry with market-based price discovery, connecting buyers and sellers through secure trading opportunities, and informing markets and our customers’ decisions with an ever-deepening pool of data.

Download 2018 Global Dairy Trade Annual Report

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