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US Lactose Pool

A number of leading US dairy producers have pooled supply of high quality Lactose products to offer on GDT Events, trading to registered GDT bidders from around the world in order to discover a credible market price for their products.


Participating sellers make up three of the leading lactose producers across the USA, with more likely to join over the following months. The pool currently includes product supplied by:



High quality food-grade US Lactose will be offered within the pool as three standardised specifications including Mesh 40, Mesh 100 and Mesh 200.

Sold in 25kg bags or 1000kg totes, each product comes with the same high-quality standards, assured through consistent plant certification and independent product testing. Detailed specifications are available below.

How will I bid for pooled Lactose?

Each product will be available to purchase from either the West coast (Oakland) or Central US (Minnesota) locations, with different starting FAS prices reflecting the different domestic freight charges from each location. Your contracting information file will contain freight rates and any other charges for the pool, as per normal.

As a bidder, you choose which specification and which location to submit bids on. If your bids are successful, you will be matched to one of the participating sellers immediately after the auction through an automated algorithm, and then promptly informed as to which seller will supply your product. The shipment is then executed as usual between you and that seller.

Each seller guarantees product that meets all aspects of the product specification and quality assurance standards. 

A more detailed explanation is available here

Talk to us about this opportunity

If you would like to discuss this opportunity with GDT, please email your telephone contact details to help@globaldairytrade.info.

Express your interest

If you are interested in buying US Lactose, click here to complete a bidder application form.  You can also request to receive product samples, please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the US Lactose pool as a seller, please contact GDT at  help@globaldairytrade.info.