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Who we are

Cayuga Milk Ingredients (CMI) processes milk from 30 family-owned dairy farms within the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York. Most of these same farmers are also the owners of the plant, located in Auburn, NY.

CMI provides the market for milk from more than 40,000 healthy, happy cows owned by farmers uniquely positioned to oversee our milk supply. Our farmers are invested in their products in ways other suppliers aren’t, and they’re focused on providing milk to our plant because they own the plant.

All of our farms are within 70 km of the plant, allowing us to monitor all aspects of product integrity and offer the highest possible level of traceability of any milk product manufacturer.  Our products are fully processed within hours of milking the cows, so they’re always pure and fresh. Our plant was a green field building project, and has been in operation for only three years.  The plant is completely modern, and was designed to ensure that cleanliness and product integrity is never compromised.

The size of our farms, their location so close to the plant, and the modern, state-of-the-art plant positions CMI way ahead of the curve for quality standards. The bacteria levels and the spore levels in our skim milk powder are extremely low, and make Cayuga skim milk powder an outstanding choice for infant formula manufacturers or companies producing consumer goods in UHT packaging. We foster a spirit of innovation throughout our state-of-the-art facility, and our owner farmers, management, and employees actively pursue avenues for continuous improvement as we develop and refine our products.

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