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Dairygold Food Ingredients Limited

Dairygold is Ireland’s leading dairy producer. As a co-operative we collect milk from 3,000 independently quality assured supplier-members, whose grass based dairy farms are located in the Golden Valleys of Ireland.

Our product range is focused on supplying international B2B customers with the high quality, functional dairy ingredients tailored to their needs.

We are constantly adding value to our nutritional products through smart innovation, research, industry-leading technology and world-class facilities. With a clear vision and plan to be a global player in supplying naturally-sourced dairy nutritionals, Dairygold is boldly shaping the future of the industry. 

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Visit: www.dairygold.ie

Contact: GDTAdmin@dairygold.ie

Product Information

- Rennet Casein
- Demineralised Whey Powder
- Sweet Whey Powder
- Buttermilk Powder
- Cheddar Cheese
- Speciality Cheese
- Butter

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