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Who we are 

Yew Tree Dairy Ltd is one of the UK’s largest family owned and operated milk processing companies with a heritage spanning more than 114 years.

Yew Tree Dairy produces a range of liquid milk and creams for the UK domestic market and a full range of Milk Powders for both domestic and international markets.

All our milk comes from UK farmed cows, and we source as local as possible from over 350 farms to reduce food miles wherever possible. All our supplying farms are Red Tractor Farm-Assured to ensure we get milk from the healthiest and happiest cows, enjoying as much free pasture as practical. Starting with excellent milk quality milk from farms; we maintain high standards of processing ensuring all dairy products we manufacture are of the best quality possible. 

Where we are based 

We are based in the UK, working with local farmers over a 200-mile radius of our processing plant. 

Our products on GDT Marketplace 

We spray dry milk to produce a range of milk powders for the catering and ingredients markets. All are either medium or low heat dried to give high-quality, consistent product and packed in either 25kg or 1-tonne bags. Suitable for the UK and international markets. Whole Milk Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder are our main products, which are available in organic.

Ideal for dry mixing in baking or other food preparation or reconstituting for chocolate, yoghurt and ice cream manufacture.

  • SMP Medium Heat

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