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Help for bidders

Contact GDT

If you need assistance please email help@globaldairytrade.info or call the Trading Manager two hours prior or during the Trading Event via the toll free numbers saved here.

Online Training Modules

We encourage bidders to complete the modules in the order provided, to fully understand how the auction works. 

  1.  Securing Bid Limits & Eligibility
  2.  Navigating the Bidding Website
  3.  Preparing for a Trading Event  
  4.  Bidding 
  5.  Auto-bidding
  6.  Understanding Rollbacks

User Guides

The following User Guides provide bidders with simple instructions for using the GDT Events Bidding Website.

  1. Getting Help
  2. User Guide to the Bidding Website 
  3. User Guide to the Bidder Portal 
  4. User Guide to Bidding Website Password 
  5. User Guide to Eligibility and Bid Limits
  6. User Guide to Auto-bids 
  7. User Guide to User Preferences

*Please note the Bidding Website (www.globaldairytrade.com) is where you place bids for GDT Events. The Bidder Portal (https://portal.globaldairytrade.info/bidder) is where you find the supply quantities, starting prices and your eligibility for each event.